Start saving links today

On iPhone, iPad, and M-Series Macs

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Easily save links, enjoy them later

Easy to use and free to try.
Save articles, videos, social media posts and more.

Seamless saving with just one tap

Plinky’s share extension lets you save links from any app on your iPhone and iPad. Save links in Chrome, Firefox, Safari with handy browser extensions, or on your Mac using Plinky Mini.

All your links, saved in one place

View your recent links or search for links when you’re ready to come back to them.

Organize your links

Use Tags, Folders, and Search so you'll never lose a link again.

Integrations and a simple API

Save links with Zapier, in apps like Unread, or even on Android devices with Plinky’s Integrations.Plinky’s API and first class support for iOS Shortcuts let you build your own tools to save links anywhere you want, any way you want.

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